Hiking And Trekking Kerinci Packages 6 Days 5 Night

The Kerinci wildlife trek takes you deep into primary rainforest and through Sumatran tiger habitat. You’ll hike up ridge trails, cross jungle streams, visit peaceful waterfalls, and even take a dip in the magnificently blue Lake Kaco. you’ll see the endemic black gibbons of Sumatra called “Siamang”  mitered leaf monkeys, hornbills, and a variety of birds and other wildlife. And yes, a few of our guests have even had the good fortune of seeing sun bears and Sumatran tigers, with a huge majority at the very least seeing pug marks, scratches, scat, and other signs of recent activity.


  • Transfer to hotel
  • And overnight in Padang
  • Padang city tour ( optional )

DAY 2 : Transfer from PADANG to Kerinci ( Kersik tuo )

  • Driving to the southern part of Sumatra direction passing through the Bung Hatta National Park, the lake diatas and dibawah (twin lake) and typical minangkabau village with the traditional minangkabau houses ( have some brief stop on they way ) The journey about 7 hours drive to Kersik Tuo.
  • Arrival to Kersik, take rest , walking tour around village ( optional )
  • Overnight in Kersik tuo

DAY 3- 4 – 5  : Exploring Kerinci rainforest – Sumatra tiger trek – Stay in  jungle

  • Start your journey through the Sumatran wilderness,  Head down the of the hilly mountain area listening and watching for “siamang” Sumatra black gibbons and hornbills, who each begin their enchanting calls in the morning. Keep eyes on the path for any signs of tiger pugmarks, tapir tracks, or other wildlife signs.
  • After roughly five hours of trekking, arrive at the unnamed waterfall where you’ll make camp. Enjoy swimming in the fresh mountain water, ride the natural rock slide beside the waterfall into the pool below, or continue exploring the surrounding rainforest. And overnight in the jungle
  • During these trip meals are provided in jungle and evening and dinner with the in the jungle Mineral water, coffe , tea will provided  whenever you would like it.
  • From the jungle stream, continue hiking through lush, untouched forests until you arrive at Lake Kaco, the brilliantly blue swimming hole and natural aquarium deep in the forest, arriving in the afternoon.
  • Set up camp in the forest surrounding the lake. Before bed, take a night-walk for chances of spotting nocturnal creatures like civets, slow-loris, flying squirrels, and a variety of tree-frogs.

DAY 6 : Transfer from Kerinci ( Kersik tuo )  to Padang

  • Breakfast
  • Continue trekking and leaving out the forest
  • Arrival in Kresik tuo transfer to Padang 7 hour drive ( normally arrived late – night in Padang city ) Tour end

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